Admission Procedure

Application forms are available in school office (for Classes- Nursery to XII). Admissions are given on the basis of vacant seats available in the classes. Office timings- 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.(Excluding Sundays and holidays)

The Govt. of India has passed the bill of right to the Education(R.T.E.) & framed admission policies. The school is under legal obligatin to follow the guidelines of the Central/State Govt. However at this stage we assure parents to follow the instructions of the Govt.

At school level we require following document & at the time of new admission.

a) The photocopy of the birth certificate should be submitted.

b) Copy of report-card of last qualifying examination should be submitted at the time of submission.

c) Original school leaving certificate duly signed by educational authorities should be submitted latest at the time of submission

d) Student's two passport size colored photographs should be submitted along with application form. Admission will be finally granted on the production of all essential certificates.

e) Original Caste Certificate if any SC/ST/OBC and one photocopy.

f) Aadhar Card.

g) BPL, Ration card address proof(for RTE student)


1. The buses will pick-up the students from allotted bus tops and drop them after the school Hrs. at the same stops.

2. A written notice must be given, 30 days before, if any student wants to discontinue the bus facility.

3. If a student discontinues the facility & wants to re-avail it, after some time during the same academic year, he/she, will have to make payment for the gap period.

4. Bus routes or stops will not be changed unless it is applied by the parents in writing to the Principal. The Principal’s decision will be final